Everyday Gear for Skywatching


After a long, tiring day at work or at school, perhaps the only thing you may want to do is to just lie on your back in the grass at night and just watch the night sky. Watching the night sky can something that will surely relax you and help you to get that much needed break. It must be frustrating when using the black friday beauty deals and you don't have a budget so this is the best to relax your mind.

When you do get the chance to have a free schedule to watch the sky, you need to remember that it’s not just about lying on your back and letting the sky do all the work. You also need to prepare yourself for the coming excitement. This preparation entails being able to provide the right gear for yourself. Don’t worry – they won’t be difficult to provide at all. Some of them can be bought at cheap prices, given the right coupon codes when you shop online.



Want to see the moon up close? Get some good gear for skywatching.


Gear #1: Get a good observing chair. Telescope-jockeying skywatchers should seriously consider a purpose-built astronomy chair, especially if you own a refractor (because the eyepiece is "down" and the tube is long). The sliding seat can get low to the ground, or as high as your eye would be when standing. The best ones have a padded backrest.

Gear #2: Get a folding camp table. Oh sure, you can just say you won’t be needing that. You can say that you’re just going to put everything on the ground. But that’s exactly the question – can you put them on the ground? Where are you going to put your binoculars? How are you planning to read those star charts? When you put the iPad down, can you find it again easily? How about that coffee? Your box of colored filters? Your sandwich? See? So get a camp table.

Gear #3: Be sure you have a source for portable power. Some have 12VDC to 120AC inverters. Run your laptop, telescope, phone and other gadgets. A few boxes have USB charge ports, red and white flashlights and blinkers. Some have weather radios. They are heavy, but totally "worth the weight."

Of course, this isn’t really a definitive list, nor is it the only list online. You can check out any tech blog that deals with astronomy for beginners and you’ll be sure to find a lot of tips for the necessary gear on those blogs, too.


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  4. Sky watching is an awesome experience for the younger generations. It can make you appreciate nature more and understand how vast the universe is.

  5. I just love sky watching. I’m always mesmerized by the view of the galaxy. 🙂

  6. I’m not a fan of astronomy. But I do love to spend most of my free time sky watching – waiting for a UFO to come out LOL

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  8. Skywatching is a pleasant experience for everyone. You should try it 🙂

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